How to install IKEA kitchen - IKEA kitchen installation process

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How to install

IKEA kitchen 

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Every kitchen begins from the first step – Plan.

Imagine you dream kitchen first. What are your needs and what are your wants, what are the priorities, what is the style?

Examine IKEA Kitchen Catalog for inspiring ideas and visit physical IKEA store to see, touch and understand if this will work for you. Than you can plan it.

Many people create the Plan themselves using IKEA Kitchen Planner. It is comparatively easy and doable, but the installers do not take responsibilities for the later planning related problems if the Plan was made by other people and not verified by the company.

If you created the Plan yourself and not sure in it, you can ask us to do a Preview Service / we charge a fee /. 

BML Company does not supervise the Plan and does not give any Plan consultations if the installation will be performed by the other Company.

You may also use our help to create the Plan /there is a fee for this job/.

If you hire us to make Plan, the BML Company specialist will arrive to your home for 1-1,5 hours consultation and to take all necessary  measurements. It will help if you prepare at least a simple sketch of the future kitchen. Following the meeting the company will create the Kitchen Plan for you. After your approval -next step is you order the parts from IKEA store and organize the delivery.

After delivery date is confirmed please let us know about it to select the day of kitchen installation.

Before the kitchen installers come to your place some other reno jobs have to be completed: floors, plumbing, hydro, walls have to be finished and have primer and first coat of paint. To have your installation process smooth the kitchen room has to be free from all other items and appliances. Please keep the boxes delivered from IKEA on the same floor near the room.

Very important is arranging of a special spot were the installers will be able to do cuts and customizations. It has to be sheltered from rain or snow and have about 250x60”. Please do not schedule other tradespeople to work in the same room during the days of installation.

If everything is ready kitchen installation usually takes from one to three days, depending on the size, amount of customizations, island or peninsula, etc.

Our goal is to create your kitchen exactly the way you want it, so it is very important to have somebody, who is responsible for the decisions on site on the first and the last day of installation.  

After you kitchen is ready you can install the counter top, back splash, appliances, sink, connect the faucets, etc. and finish wall painting. If you do not have any trade people to do these jobs ,you can ask us about them as well.