IKEA kitchen design

" In December we had our Ikea kitchen installed by a great father son team, Bohdan and Leo. We are very pleased with the results. They were well organized, efficient, tidy and gave us good advice about some changes. They work so well together and we would highly recommend them for Ikea installation. Also their price was very reasonable.n December we had our Ikea kitchen installed by a great father son team, Bohdan and Leo. We are very pleased with the results. They were well organized, efficient, tidy and gave us good advice about some changes. They work so well together and we would highly recommend them for Ikea installation. Also their price was very reasonable.n December we had our Ikea kitchen installed by a great father son team, Bohdan and Leo. We are very pleased with the results. They were well organized, efficient, tidy and gave us good advice about some changes. They work so well together and we would highly recommend them for Ikea installation. Also their price was very reasonable"

Paulie & Joseph from Toronto, January. 2017

IKEA kitchen installers

Bohdan and Leo were absolutely fantastic. They were able to turn my dream kitchen into a reality. My husband and I couldn't be happier. We will be recommending BML to everyone. When you have Bohdan and Leo installing your Ikea kitchen, the end product looks like a custom kitchen for a fraction of the price.
We hired BML to review the design we had made via the Ikea software, and they were able to identify areas that would need to be changed to ensure a smooth installation. When the installation date came, Bohdan and Leo were able to install all the cabinets in our 200 sqft in 3 days.
Bohdan and Leo, thank you again for your fantastic work, professional attitude and expertise" 

Sara from Toronto, January 2017

IKEA kitchen  installation

"Bohdan and Leo were amazing contractors to work with. They knew exactly what they were doing, they were professional, warm and friendly. Their help transformed our kitchen, and we couldn't be happier. Whenever i hear of someone wanting to do a renovation, i immediately recommend BML, as they will get the job done perfectly".

Beverley Chang from Toronto, February 2017

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"Four years ago, Bohdan and Leo installed my Ikea kitchen. Not a day goes by that I'm not made aware of how fortunate I was to find this excellent team.
I have subsequently seen other kitchen installations, which only reinforced to me my good fortune.
Of course, you always expect a new installation to look good, but this one 'works' and there is nothing I would change - yes, even after four years of daily use.
You could not do better than to hire this dependable, creative and skilled team". 
C. Hughes

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Timeliness = 5
Budget = 5
Quality = 5
Communication = 5

Courteous = 5

BML are amazing installers! I hired them to install an IKEA kitchen and I couldn't be more pleased. They were incredibly professional, approachable and helpful. The actual work was done on time and every detail was considered and the install went smoothly. I wouldn't hesitate to refer their services or hire them again. A real pleasure to work with them.​

Sacha Nizami, Toronto, May 2017

"Thank you again for you all of your efforts there. It is not easy to find people who take great pride in doing quality work, but you and Leo really do. 
I look forward to working together again...and the next one will be much more straight forward I promise!!
Cheers Bohdan "

Robb Lavine    November 2018


"I have been using BML for the past few years for cabinet installations. These guys are extremely professional. Always on time, precise and deliver perfect work. Its a please to know and use BML. I can recommend them to anyone looking to do a kitchen or any other project that requires cabinets. You wont find a better company to do it.Type your paragraph here"

Peimen from Oakville , December 2016.

These gentlemen are simply the best!!! Bohdan and Leo installed IKEA cabinetry in our basement, and we couldn’t be happier with the entire process and final product. The only thing I wish I would have done differently is had them do the initial design as well, as they offer great advice and have good ideas. It is quite clear that they are experts with IKEA products, and I would have no hesitation requesting their services again in the future.These gentlemen are simply the best!!! Bohdan and Leo installed ikea cabinetry in our basement, and we couldn’t be happier with the entire process and final product. The only thing I wish I would have done differently is had them do the initial design as well, as they offer great advice and have good ideas. It is quite clear that they are experts with ikea products, and I would have no hesitation requesting their services again in the future.These gentlemen are simply the best!!! Bohdan and Leo installed ikea cabinetry in our basement, and we couldn’t be happier with the entire process and final product. The only thing I wish I would have done differently is had them do the initial design as well, as they offer great advice and have good ideas. It is quite clear that they are experts with IKEA products, and I would have no hesitation requesting their services again in the future.

Andrew Lue , Toronto, November 2017

Hi Bohdan & Leo
The Kitchen on the 2nd floor you did is Wonderful!!!
Thanks for ALL the accommodations & extras you took time to do!!
ALL THE TRADESMEN you recommended were all great & did an amazing job as well!!! That is : Derek the Electrician& his Apprentice/Ryland the Plumber& his Assistant: David The Tile Expert & his Assistant Mortis/ Everyone had pride of workmanship & did their best for me!! Thanks for that too. 
I am SO HAPPY  [😃]  that I happened to come across BML/ IKEA Kitchen installers 
Online & would certainly highly recommend you to anyone wanting a new Kitchen. 
You surely give a “Kitchen for everyone”
God bless you & keep you & yours!
Happy Holidays & ONLY THE BEST IN THE 
NEW YEAR 2019!!!
Thanks again 
From Dufferin & Bloor Area 

​​​​​​​​​​​​​​Someone can always make something cheaper than you. It is much harder for someone to make better.


"We contracted Bohdan and Leo recently to design and put together two kitchens for my mother and myself.  
They were prompt at responding when contacted and were able to answer all the questions that both my mom and myself could come up.  Once designed, we arranged for the materials to be sent.  It's important to check the IKEA kitchen planner as sometimes the defaulted drawers etc are not what you're looking for! Both Bohdan and Leo were able to give good advice and best use cases for the various arrangements. It does help though to have an idea of how you will be using the kitchen and to poke around at the IKEA show kitchens to be sure.
IKEA delivers your cabinets in boxes to your garage or wherever you can put them.  When Bohdan and Leo started work, they were extremely quick and efficient.  They did not waste a moment and were able to follow the design to put things together.  They require someone to be on hand to answer questions since there are a few variations in terms of how cabinets can be placed and knob positions.  Within 4 days I had my kitchen complete.  My mom's kitchen took about 3 days.  They back their work with a guarantee - should you find something a miss.

Bohdan and Leo were extremely courteous and fit well with the disruption that re-doing a kitchen in a full house entails.  Bohdan is very honest with his cost estimate and what can and can not be done.  They are two of the nicest and I must say trustworthy contractors I have ever met."

Diliny from Newmarket, March 2016

"Our aim was to re-do our son's kitchen in Pickering. But we live in Vancouver. So we already imagined we could be in for some logistical headaches. Luckily, we hired BML Kitchens.
This father-and-son team offered us the best of both worlds. They don't work for Ikea yet they do nothing but install Ikea cabinets. It meant we were able to buy good but reasonably-priced cabinets. We found that Bohdan and Leo's approach was quite the opposite of Ikea's. We avoided any assemble-it-yourself nightmare. They're very fussy, very detail-oriented. They know what they're doing, being familiar with the entire Ikea product line. Even better, they were great communicators. That was a big help. While we were in Vancouver placing the order, Bohdan even designed and created 
our actual Ikea shopping-list. Once we arrived in Pickering and the 
job began, if anything unexpected came up, they pointed out our options and gently offered their suggestions. Even after the job was wrapped up and their bill was paid, we called them back and 
asked them to make a minor change. They did it on the weekend with no grumbling whatsoever.
What a pleasure it is to see craftsmen who still take pride in their work. Now, when our son shows-off his new kitchen, people are surprised at the beautiful workmanship. After that, they're bowled over when they're told how little it cost! Hiring Bohdan and Leo was the best decision that we made."

Nancy & Barry from Pickering , January 2016

Best decision I ever made for my home! 
Bohdan and Leo are the definition of professionalism and expertise. 
I originally contacted PEG the official IKEA installers that gave me the run around for 1.5 months on just getting a quote by numerous different contractors they hire for each individual job, that means many strangers in my house. My family of 5 was just waiting around without a kitchen since my stove broke and had to be replaced. 
The point is don't contact PEG its the worst mistake and also incredibly over priced. 
I then was searching and found BML experienced IKEA installers. The reviews were fantastic and the pricing was very fair. 
I emailed Bohdan and received a quote the very next day, installation was to begin as soon as the kitchen cabinets arrived. 
That's exactly what happened, also he reffered a company that can tile, paint, do electrical and plumbing. 
My complete count of 20 cabinets were assembled and installed in 2 days. This includes the various custom work that my kitchen cabinets needed due to the odd uneven sizing of mywalls. 
The finished product was flawless to perfection I am completely happy and satisfied. 
My kitchen looked like a showroom and shocked everyone who saw it. 
Bohdan and Leo were very neat and tiny considering my kitchen was in complete renovation mode. 
Anything they were not sure of what my preference was they would ask me to make sure I got the result I wanted, even up to which door knobs I wanted on the cabinet doors. 
They even made me a custom spice rack in the cabinet that had to be made custom due to the corner size of my kitchen. Just amazing! 
If you want a perfectly IKEA kitchen installed at a great price with professionalism and expertise you need BML. 
I have attached pictures if my new beautiful kitchen and a picture of my original kitchen for comparison. 
Thank you Bohdan and Leo!!!!"

Jackie from Etobicoke, December 2015

"First we would like to thank HomeStars! Through their information sharing platform we were able to find the best skilled contractors. We found BML company to build our kitchen cabinets. BML specialisesin IKEA kitchens and has received a 10/10 rating from over 90 customers.
We were doing a complete facelift renovation for our small, irregular shaped kitchen in an awkward setting. BML team Bohdan and Leo helped us from the kitchen design plan to finally complete fully functional cabinetry. We couldn't be more pleased with our new kitchen cabinetry. Two thumbs up for their amazing work!
They demonstrated their deep product knowledge and superior workmanship during the installation. They were highly efficient, detail oriented and willing to go the extra mile to maximize the usability of the product. Bohdan and Leo had strong problem solving abilities to deal with the hidden problems and unexpected issues. They offered suggestions and innovative ideas for solutions in different phasesof the project.
Bohdan and Leo were very good at customizing the product by resizing, manipulating or replacing with similar materials to fit the needs. When we placed the order for our cabinets at IKEA, we were told one piece of support materials was out of stock. IKEA stuff advised us that the best solution was to pay an extra fee to order the full package from Montreal, otherwise we needed to wait for the new stockto come in. We couldn’t believe this was the best solution.  We called Bohdan to get his opinion. He directed us to order another tall piece of similar material to replace the missing piece, and he would cut it to make the correct length. His solution was so simple and efficient!
One part of our kitchen wall wasn’t straight, there was about a 135 degree angle. They came up with an idea to build a narrow cabinet to fit the angled area, though it took much more of their time to reduce the size of a cabinet unit. The end result was great. It not only made the work space flow better but also created extra storage space where we didn’t think was possible. When they discovered that our range hood after installation would be too close to a cabinet, and the cabinet door won’t be open properly. They suggested to reposition the range and range hood one or two inches away from this cabinet, then they added a piece of material to fill the gap between the range and the base cabinet.
Bohdan and Leo are not only true Professionals, but also are true Gentlemen. They were supper polite, tidy and displayed strong work ethics. When they finished the job, they cleaned the floor, tidied different materials and indicated what could be returned to the store.  Here we should mention that their fee was very reasonable! When we were going to make an extra payment, they rejected itpolitely. They said they only took whatever was in their agreement. A week later, we received a courtesy call from Bohdan to check how the cabinets worked.
Overall it was a very pleasant experience to deal with Bohdan & Leo. Many thanks to Bohdan & Leo for delivering such a masterfully executed job. We will definitely recommend BML to anyone we know who is thinking of installing IKEA cabinets".
Ann and Martin from Toronto, November 2015

"Bohdan and Leo are consummate pros when it comes to Ikea cabinetry. They did an amazing job with my kitchen cabinetry and I highly recommend them. They ensured that I was 100% happy with the job before finishing. They are also well-priced for the high level of quality they deliver. Next job for them is my Ikea PAX closet! Thanks guys".

Justyn from Toronto, October 2015​​

"A full 5 Star recommendation for BML! Love our new kitchen, full of IKEA cupboards, all so carefully installed. The Lypkas can adapt units to your needs, and can make use of every inch/cm.   of space. They were very helpful to a pair of seniors who were "renovation novices"! Many, many thanks, Bohdan and Leo " 
Andrea Alexander, Toronto, September 2015

"BML completed my Ikea kitchen installation and I am so pleased with the professionalism of the installation. Bohdan and Leo are incredibly knowledgeable about every facet of Ikea kitchens. It was extremely comforting for us in the process to have Bohdan's guidance along the way and he was never more than a phone call away with any questions we needed answered. I highly recommend this company. Thank you Bohdan and Leo!"

Esther Hayoun, September 2015

"We contacted BML to install 16 IKEA cabinets after seeing the amazing reviews on Homestars. We were not disappointed! Both Bohdan and Leo were incredibly professional, helpful and thorough! They were sure to provide guidance on even the smallest detail (like position of the door handles, alignment and sightlines of cabinets, etc.), and made sure we were 100% satisfied with the work they did. They also were very neat and tidy and respectful of our home, which means a lot. Would recommend these lovely gentlemen to anyone looking for to install IKEA cabinets. Thank you again to the both of you!"

Amber from Brampton, September 2015

"We are very happy with the service done by BML. They knew in's and out's of Ikea kitchen cabinets and parts. And they explained everything in detail when we had questions. A couple of things to note... - It was worth it to get their measurement/planning service. We had already created a plan in the Ikea kitchen tool but Bohdan and Leo measured each section more accurately and helped us modify the plan so that we could have a better layout. - Although BML only does cabinet installation, I appreciate that they provided contact info for a general contractor (for kitchen removal/plumbing/electrical/etc.) and a countertop company. We ended up going to the ones that Bohdan and Leo had recommended".

Kay from Richmond Hill, August 2015

"After trying (and failing) for several weeks to hire the officially recommended company to install my Ikea kitchen, I turned to Home Stars and found BML was much better rated anyway, not to mention less pricey. In less than 24 hours, I had a contract and an installation date. Bohdan and Leo did a great job installing the Ikea cabinets in our crooked old house, where nothing—not the floor or the ceilings or the walls—is straight. They noticed a potentially disastrous flaw in my design right away, but calmly improvised a solution and kindly assured me (wringing my hands and gnashing my teeth) that it was an easy mistake to have made. When it turned out I had not ordered enough deco strip or whatever for the furring, they even bought some at Home Depot on their way home that night so they could bring it back to complete the job the next day. They commiserated with me over my out-of-stock drawer fronts and, when the Ikea people would not come to template the countertops because the drawer fronts were missing (because, ahem, Ikea was out of stock of them), Bohdan even calmly talked me out of my mad scheme to drive to Burlington to get the wrong colour of drawer front just so the countertop could be measured. A kitchen reno will do that to your brain, but Bohdan and Leo are very sensible people who will calmly assist you through the bad bits. Speaking of the countertop, they also recommended me a countertop company when I had to cancel my contract with and get my money back from Ikea. That company came through for us, at $600 less than the other estimate I got, so I'm awfully grateful for that too. They have even phoned up a couple of times to see how the rest of the job has been progressing—pretty nice for a couple of busy guys. If I had to do it over again, I think I would have them design the kitchen. That flaw in my design that they noticed right away has had a cascading effect at every stage of the work. The moral of the story is to get a professional to help with the design so you won't be blindsided by stuff down the road! I love my new Ikea kitchen, and it is in no small part thanks to Bohdan and Leo that we have it!"

Vicki from Old Toronto, July 2015

This team - Bohdan and Leo - were a refreshing and welcome change from the experiences I have had with many other contracted service providers! They arrived on time and as promised, and set up the kitchen cabinets exactly as needed, with detailed explanations to check that I was getting what I wanted before they put it together, and how to manage all of the cabinetry so I can remove doors and trim as needed for cleaning, installation of appliances etc. They were friendly, detail-oriented, careful and conscientious in their entire approach and I have already recommended them to a friend who is planning a new second kitchen in the next year or so. I would recommend their service to everyone and would use them again myself if I ever need to do so, with no hesitation whatsoever. I am really thrilled with the outcomes"

​Christine from Beaches, June 2015

"BML (Bohdan and Leo) arrived on time, worked diligently, explained what they were doing, explained a minor problem and provided advice on the fix, cleaned up afterwards, and we were very satisfied with the work that was done to install 9 cabinets and 2 countertops. I would highly recommend them. They are professional and diligent in ensuring that we were satisfied with the installation."

Stephen from Toronto, June 2015

"My wife and I are very pleased with Bohdan's work and glad that we found him thru homestars. We hope this review will also help others making important decisions on their kitchen renovations. I don't need to talk much about how skilled Bohdan and Leo are when it comes to installing ikea kitchen cabinets as everyone can see from their rave reviews. So I will just quickly focus on their professionalism and customer care since I think these attributes are sometimes overlooked. From the start, we knew we made the right decision to go with them, their consultative service is excellent and gave us so many practical and design suggestions we didn't consider. Also, they were so patient with us. For instance when we made a last minute change with the colour choice for our pantry and island, Leo quickly re did the design using the ikea tool. They also appreciate that ikea installation is only one aspect of your overall kitchen reno project and made helpful recommendations on flooring, countertop, and other numerous choices. The entire process was so smooth, our kitchen looks exactly or better than what we expected. They even followed up to ensure that we were happy. Thanks Bohdan and Leo!"

Steve from Toronto, June 2015

"We had BML just install our IKEA kitchen and we couldn't be happier. Bohdan and Leo were very friendly and professional. They provided us with solutions to a few issues we encountered and didn't charge us any extra for the work they did. We recieved a few quotes prior to having the kitchen installed and BML came in the lowest and had the best reviews.Thanks BML! We love our kitchen"

Shannon from Brampton, June 2015

"We hired Bohdan & Leo for our IKEA kitchen renovation. We were so pleased with their quality of work and professionalism. They are both highly experienced and knowledge and shared much of their advice with us. I would definitely recommend! "

Sue from Toronto, May 2015​​

​​"We had our new IKEA kitchen, Sektion, installed by Bohdan in March and we couldn't be happier with the result. He's very professional, he accommodated our needs and also offered very helpful advice. He did a great job, we highly recommend him! "

​Isabella & Dan from Aurora, Apr 26, 2015​​​

"I hired BML to install an IKEA Kitchen Island for us. I called around to a couple places and BML was the most knowledgeable and friendly company I spoke with. They spent a lot of time making sure to explain my options and what their recommendations were. The completed work was excellent and we would definitely use them again!"

​Justin Clarke from Toronto, Apr 2015

"If I could give 20 stars i would. We recently bought a pantry from Ikea and were having a hard time finding someone to assemble it for us. Most companies only wanted to deal with full scale kitchen projects and no one would help us. We found BML online and called Bohdan and he promptly provided us a quote and called back in half an hour to see if we were happy with it. He came in and assembled the 2 panties in only 2 hours, and not only was he fast but incredibly detail oriented. He wanted it to be done perfect. I am so pleased with my new pantry that BML is my new go to referral company for anything kitchen! I will be referring BML to anyone and everyone, given our fantastic experience. Thanks so much Bogdan!!"

Krista from Toronto, Apr 2015

"Bohdan and Leo did an excelent job on our Ikea kitchen install. While they were working they noticed some potential issues with the design plan we had done with Ikea and they made the right recommendations to fix it. Everything was assembled and installed on time even with the changes. These guys really know their stuff and are a pleasure to work with. Their communication was perfect, they didnt make any assumptions on how we wanted things and made sure we were aware of what was going on every step of the way. They were careful not to damage anything and kept their work area clean. Far exceeded my expectations. Thanks Guys, Jordan and Kelly "

​Jordan & Kelly from Brampton Apr 25, 2015

" Bohdan and Leo did an excellent job designing and installing our IKEA kitchen. We were so impressed with both the high-quality workmanship and how quickly they were able to complete the job. They answered all of our questions from start to finish and provided us with valuable advice to ensure the job was done right. They were quick to provide suggestions and solutions to customize our project and it was clear how knowledgeable and experienced they are with kitchen renovations. We will recommend BML (and already have!) to anyone who is looking for professional and quality kitchen design and installation. Thank you guys - we love our new kitchen! "

Luke & Frances from Pickering Apr 18, 2015

" Bohdan and his son Leo did a great job on our IKEA kitchen. It makes a nice change to have contractors that are reliable. They are very familiar with Ikea kitchens and it shows. Thank you Again."
Michael from Mississauga Mar 16, 2015

"Bogdan and Leo assembled and installed our IKEA kitchen cabinets. They did a wonderful job. They started and finished on time and on budget. They were helpful and recommended innovative solutions to the problems that are inherent to any project. Our kitchen looks great and we highly recommend them."

​Andrea from Mississauga Mar 08, 2015

" We had many trades and 'professionals' come through our renovations over the past few months and were very impressed with Bohdan and Leo. This father and son duo are very knowledgeable, skilled and attentive to their work. They are very respectful, have excellent suggestions and try to assure every major step was double checked with us. There were no extra surprise charges. For extra work which required adjustments, Leo was diligent about verifying that we'd be happy with the result ... even the smallest aesthetic cracks that no one would even notice, unless you lay down on the floor - he tried to fix! (good eye Leo!) The only reason for losing a point is because they pre-drilled holes on the pantry door for a smaller handle, when he had an extra, large handle that we were planning on using. The one thing that we didn't verify with them... But Overall, extremely satisfied with their work."
Debra from Toronto Feb 17, 2015

"If found this company on Homestars and I am so happy I did. I would recommend BML to anyone who is going to install an IKEA kitchen. I found them to be very professional, knowledgable and very easy to work with. They were able to troubleshoot our design They were also able let me know if material was need before it was needed . But what really impressed me was their ability to quote the project and give me an accurate time line, and they stuck to it! As anyone who know is a miracle in the renovation industry. You will have no worries or fears when you hire BLM to install your Ikea kitchen"
jsolakofski from Toronto Dec 31, 2014​

"We have a 150 year old house that begged a new kitchen. After another contractor ripped out the old and installed new floors, BML came in, assisted with the re-design of the cabinets, etc. A few weeks later they promptly and tenaciously installed the new IKEA kitchen. They encountered a number of challenges along the way due to the flaws in the walls and structure but were able to creatively and effectively address with solid solutions. I enjoyed working with BML and will be retaining them again to re-configure and remedy a large PAX installation I have in another room.. The BML team are committed perfectionists and completed the job well on time."
Arthur from Toronto Dec 29, 2014

"We had Bohdan and Leo in at the beginning of December to do a small kitchen renovation for us. They removed a sink and drawer unit and installed a new base cabinet unit, dishwasher and kitchen island for us. We were very impressed with how fast and clean they worked, and the level of attention to detail that they put into the project. In the initial consultation with us they pointed out a few small issues with our planning and suggested fixes for the problems (I would definitely recommend having them in for a consultation before ordering the kitchen even if you are confident planning it yourself). They left the site in good condition and we were able to tidy up and use our new kitchen right away. They were both very polite and kind and followed up with us several times to answer our questions and make sure everything was good with the installation. Would definitely recommend them."
Trista from Toronto Dec 21, 2014

"We knew we wanted an Ikea kitchen but needed someone to assemble the whole thing and install it to make it look like one of the Ikea showroom kitchens we have been envying. Heard from a friend at work about BML. Although they did not install my friend's kitchen he was impressed by their friendliness and sincerity and would have used them had they ordered an Ikea kitchen. Not only were these guys professional but they did a superb job! We are very happy with the work! Thank you!"
justdesserts from Toronto Dec 15, 2014

"Bohdan and his son Leo installed our Ikea kitchen. They did an amazing job and finished in less than 2 full days! They were able to start the job shortly after we contacted them and the installation process was flawless. We are 100% satisfied with the result, a beautiful kitchen! Bohdan and Leo also provided us with helpful tips along the way to make our kitchen look and function so well. They are very honest and trustworthy, highly skilled and we would definitely use them again! 100% recommended to everyone! We are so glad we went with them  "
Dominika from Mississauga Nov 26, 2014

"Bohdan and Leo completed a kitchen installation at my friend's house that I designed and oversaw. They were helpful and responsive from start to finish. They provide very clear information about pricing up front and stick to their agreement -- work was completed as planned. As others have stated, they are meticulous and careful in their work, and work with the customer to ensure total satisfaction. It is rare that one sees this "professional" approach from contractors. They were a pleasure to work with and the pride they show in their work is apparent in the finished product. I would not hesitate to recommend them to anyone who is considering installing IKEA cabinets. In fact, I already have!"
Nelson Byrne from Mississauga Nov 24, 2014

" Leo & Bohdan installed our Ikea kitchen cabinets this week. They did an awesome job! We couldn't have been happier. They are very professional, meticulous and work extremely hard. We had some last minute changes to our kitchen plans and they had no problem modifying the approach. They made several recommendations that made a big difference on the appearance of our cabinets. Unlike many other contractors we have dealt with, they showed up on time and completed the job on time! My husband and I highly recommend them."
Maureen Drew from Bradford West Gwillimbury Nov 22, 2014

"This is the 3rd time I have used Bohdan and his son's services and I have been more than satisfied with their workmanship. They know their product very well and installation is seamless and quick. I am thankful to have professional trades like them to recommend."
Belinda Albo from blinda albo design studio ,Toronto Nov 06, 2014
"We did a lot of research and met many people during our kitchen planning process and we were getting discouraged about being able to do a great kitchen at a reasonable price. My reservation in going with IKEA was having to figure out the design and measurements on our own. Bohdan and Leo were exactly who we needed. They met with us, found out what we wanted, made suggestions about what would and wouldn't work and then designed what we wanted and what would work in our space. Ordering at IKEA went smoothly because we knew all the proper cabinets and various finishing pieces had been incorporated in the order. The kitchen was installed in two days even though there was additional work in dealing with uneven walls and ceilings. Bohdan and Leo were solution focused and made sure the final product was perfect. I would definitely recommend their design and installation services. Thanks so much for your part in our kitchen renovation."
Roberta Bustard from Toronto Nov 06, 2014

" Bohdan and Leo from BML were absolutely amazing. They helped us to design our new kitchen, prepare our cabinet order and were professional from start to finish. They found solutions to fit the various quirks of our home and left us with a gorgeous new kitchen. They were considerate, on time and reliable. We could not be happier with their work."
Andrew Esteves from Toronto Oct 22, 2014

" We contacted BML just two weeks before renovating our kitchen. They were able to accommodate us perfectly. My husband and Bohdan talked for a couple hours on the phone to make sure the layout we designed would work and if we needed to order more stuff. Bodhen was also great at making suggestions. The father and son team came right on time and worked diligently throughout the day. It took them only 2.5 days to finish a good size kitchen, including a 10 X 5 foot island. The finish product looks amazing!!! Great attention to detail!"
Kelly from Ajax  Oct 01, 2014

"I was on a tight budget and wanted to redo my kitchen with an Ikea kitchen. I found BML on Kijiji and decided to use them. I cannot express how happy I was with Bohdan and Leo, they are very detail orientated and care very much about your needs. They listen and try very hard to fulfill your request (as best as possible with a prefabricated kitchen). I would highly recommend their service to anyone considering remodeling with the Ikea product, very knowledgeable at a very reasonable cost. Their cost is well below their competitors without compromising quality of the work. Thank you Bohdan and Leo for such a great job!!! Rosanna...and Lola"
Rosanna Zeppieri from Vaughan Sep 03, 2014

"I can't rave enough about this spectacular father and son team! Bohdan and Leo were on time, clean, and extremely respectful of my property. I just wish I had learned about them sooner because I would have engaged their services for measuring and designing as well as installation. I really appreciated how they made recommendations on some revisions in the design that actually enhanced the overall design, layout, and increased storage space. Oh, and did I mention that they offer the most competitive prices?Thank you so much Bohdan and Leo for a kitchen that exceeded all my expectations. Next project: basement kitchenette."
SS from Toronto Sep 02, 2014

"I took one look at the IKEA kitchen planner and phoned BML. Within a few days Leo and Bohdan came to discuss what I wanted, made excellent suggestions,and then e-mailed me the plan. In two days they transformed a pile of IKEA boxes into perfection. My house is 100 years old and not straight in any way--but they did a beautiful job. I don't think I have ever felt so relaxed about having people work in my house. Thanks Bodhan and Leo!"
L M in Toronto Aug 25, 2014

" Bohdan and Leo did an excellent job installing an Ikea kitchen in one of our rental units. I had called another Ikea kitchen installer, but wanted to get a second opinion, and glad I did. Bohdan returned returned my call the next day and fit me in his schedule in less than a week. Bohdan and his son Leo were there for two days and they really are "all about kitchens." They were very reasonably priced, on time and finished when they said they would. Bohdan and his son Leo are genuine, professional and best of all, conscientious. They take pride in their work and really thought everything out before the install. My only regret is not having my plan done by them! They gave me some great advice and I look very much forward to using them again. I just want to thank you again. You and Leo were professional, personable, efficient and very helpful. I wish I had planned everything from the beginning with you, but better late then never."
Elisa from Toronto Aug 02, 2014

 " BML is top notch. Not only are Bhodan and his son Leo fantastic installers they are also good people. We turned to BML in May after first using another installer found on Homestars for an Ikea design. The previous installer, would have been fine, but he didn't add any value, in terms of ideas. We were in the midst of a large renovation and decided we wanted to call BML for a second opinion. They understood we were under a time crunch and came out to see us the next day. Bhodan and Leo, work great together. Seeing them discuss the various options between each other, reminded me of a married old couple as they were the perfect complement to each other. They provided great advice and responded promptly over the next several weeks to our numerous phone calls and questions. We live in an old home with uneven walls/ceilings etc and naturally, complications arose on the day of installation. Bhodan and Leo were able to meet every challenge and provide great solutions that met both our function and design needs. We highly recommend Bhodan and Leo and would hire them again without a second thought. And to top it off, their fees are extremely reasonable!"
Raul Vanloo in Toronto Jul 16 2014

" I highly recommend Bohdan and Leo (BML). I contacted quite a few other Ikea cabinet installation specialists and Bohdan was the most responsive. In fact I called Bohdan from Ikea a few times and he was happy to advise me even though it was well past 5 PM. It was clear that Bohdan and Leo had a lot of experience with Ikea and they offered great advice. For example, I bought cup pulls and handles from Restoration Hardware and Bohdan warned me that the screws that it came with would rip right through the MDF Adel doors during normal usage. Sure enough, I searched Internet forums and many people were having this problem and as a result they had ruined their cabinet doors. Thanks to Bohdan's experience and insight we avoided this problem by getting some nuts and bolts from the local hardware store. Again I can't recommend these guys enough. They knew what they were doing, the result looks perfect, the job was done quickly and the price was right."
Nadeem in Toronto Jul 16, 2014

" Bohdan and Leo installed our Ikea kitchen and this was the first time we had attempted to design our own and have installed. We were a little worried. Bohdan made it seamless, his professionalism from the first time I spoke with him made me feel comfortable that they would do a professional job. He kept in regular contact with me the whole time letting me know of opportunities to improve the design or save some money. When they came to do the job they worked as professionally as they sounded. They completed the job quickly and it looked beautiful I cannot thank them enough for making the experience as stress free as they did. I would recommend them to anyone having a built to order kitchen installed you will not regret having them take care of this stressful project. Great Great Job. "
Philip Borges from Mississauga Jun 26, 2014
" Bohdan and Leo work very well together in that their skills complement each others. They handled the room full of Ikea boxes so quickly and efficiently, obviously they are well practiced. Problematic areas were dealt with creativity and practically. The finished installation was truly impressive, as you can see from the photos. Yes, I would recommend this team to the fussiest homeowners. "
Claudette Hughes from Markham Jun 19, 2014

  Bohdan and Leo were exceptional. Worked around problem areas in my kitchen and made sure everything was perfect. Came up with terrific solutions to enhance the look of my kitchen - they know this product inside out. The whole process from drawing up plans to completion took less than two weeks (mainly because I changed my mind on a couple of things), the actual installation from delivery took 3 days - awesome!. Bohdan called afterwards to make sure there had been no problems and I would recommend this amazing father/son team to everyone. They recommended other teams (countertops/electrician etc.,) and everyone was a delight to work with. I couldn't be happier and I will be calling them again for my laundry room . "
Susan O'Hara from Mississauga Jun 12, 2014

" I hired Bohdan and Leo to install my IKEA kitchen in a basement apartment and couldn't be more pleased with the result. It was an easy choice after watching them install a kitchen at a coworkers house. They were incredibly professional, polite and even fun to have in my home. I highly, highly recommend these guys if you're looking to install an IKEA kitchen. "
Tyler from Bowmanville May 31 , 2014

" It's my second IKEA kitchen . The first one was installed with one of these cheap installers i found on Kijiji. It was cheap but the job was poor & it took almost a week to complete . I learned my lesson. I have selected BML because they had good solid experience in dealing with IKEA kitchens only , they had excellent reviews and they were still reasonable (their price is lower 25% than the company you will be recommended to deal in IKEA store) What a difference ! Excellent job! They are knowledgeable , professional , neat and fast . I totaly agree with their motto : " Someone can always make something cheaper than you . It is much harder for someone to make better !" They also recommended other specialists we were happy with - the counter top maker completed my granite counter top in 3 days for a very reasonable price. Thank you and all the best for your business!"
Viktor from Toronto May 21 , 2014

" Bohdan and Leo were unbelievable to work with! They were able to take stock Ikea products and customize them to fit a number of spots with unique angles. Their attention to detail and creativity is second to none. They also created a bathroom vanity using ikea kitchen materials as it was a unique size and I had trouble finding one that fit properly. "
Jon from Thornhill Apr 20 , 2014

" I recently took possession of a condo with a tiny and ugly kitchen. My budget was tight but it had to be fixed. To keep my costs down I went with Ikea cabinets and considered doing the installation myself… I’m a designer and an accomplished DIY’er, so I’m rather particular, but with the tight timing and having to coordinate my move I knew a needed an installer. And a good one. Starting my research I talked with quite a few installers over a few weeks. In the end Bogdan gave me the most confidence in his work; that it would be done on time, AND that it would be up to my standards. I was not wrong. My kitchen is small so I had some special customizations that were required to make certain solutions work. Bogdan knew what I wanted and also suggested alternate (and a few better!) solutions to make it all work. Him and his son Leo know their stuff, and especially the various options Ikea has to offer, so they’re sometimes better than the Ikea Kitchen Consultants when configuring your kitchen. They completed my kitchen in two days on time and on budget, finished the details, cleaned up where necessary and he even called me a week later to ensure everything was still perfect – it was! Hire them, take advantage of their experience and expertise, and end up with a great kitchen. Simple. "
Chris B from Toronto Apr 13 , 2014

" I can only echo all the positive reviews BML has already received on this site. Throughout the entire process Bohdan returned all of my e-mails and phone calls on the same day and patiently answered all of my questions. The installation was carefully completed in two days, as planned. If you factor in price and quality of work, this father and son duo might very well be your best option for an IKEA kitchen installation."
Marty from Mississauga Mar 29 , 2014

" I just got my kitchen done by BML kitchens ( Bohdan and Leo ) from start to finish BML kitchen was nothing but professional , we are very pleased with the quality and the care that they took to get the kitchen done , it only took two days to complete even though there was some costume cabinets that had to be built , if you are looking to get a kitchen from Ikea and need someone to install the kitchen I highly recommend BML Kitchens ."
Mike from Scarborough Mar 28 , 2014

" I contacted three different companies regarding our IKEA kitchen installation and we went with Bohdan for a couple reasons - one is that his pricing was much lower than the other two and also he asked excellent questions about some of the custom details we were hoping to attain. He took the time to make sure he understood our vision and even went so far as to review our list of purchased items to make sure we weren't missing anything ahead of time. In the end the kitchen looked exactly how we imagined it and it was done quickly, on budget and the site was left nice and clean when they were done. I would recommend BML to anyone who requires an IKEA installation."
Frances Lee from Toronto Mar 27 , 2014

" Bohdan and Leo were professional from start to finish. They were meticulous in their work and asked us many questions to ensure that the final installation was exactly what we wanted. They were a pleasure to have in our home and I would not hesitate to recommend them to anyone who wants an outstanding team working with them on their kitchen project. Thank you both! "
C. Schepis from Etobicoke Mar 20 , 2014
" We hired Bogden and Leo to help with the design of our kitchen and installation of our cabinets. We are thrilled with the outcome! They provided us with options to help maximize our space and were efficient, professional and available at all times for any questions we had. We would definitely recommend them to our family and friends, Thanks once again!"
Dave from Whitby Mar 14 , 2014

" Bohdan and Leo installed 19 ikea kitchen cabinets in my kitchen. They completed the work in two and a half days. They arrived on time and worked steadily. Their work is of a very high calibre. They make sure that the cabinets are aligned correctly even if the walls are not quite straight. They also had to custom fit a couple of cabinets so that they fit in seamlessly. The finished product looked as good as any custom-made kitchen.They are experts in putting together ikea kitchen cabinets and installing them correctly. I would not hesitate to recommend them."
Patricia O'Connor from Scarborough  Mar 10 , 2014
" If I could give 11 stars, I would! Bohdan assembled & installed our very large Ikea kitchen. His work was nothing short of outstanding. Bohdan is very meticulous, and made cost saving suggestions to us throughout the install, saving us quite a bit of money on cabinets/trim that were not required, even though we'd spent so much time with the Ikea planners. Ikea planners sold us so many extra panels for "customization". Bohdan worked out ways of trimming out the cabinets by using the least amount of material, while still maintaining the highest custom look. This guy knows Ikea...how it fits together...how it will look in the end. The kitchen was always very clean at the end of each day, and all the garbage was neatly stacked, and even moved out to our garage. I would highly recommend him to my friends & family without hesitation. I wish the rest of the subs working on our house were half as good as Bohdan! "
Joanne in Ajax  Feb 26 , 2014
" BML are the experts at IKEA kitchen installation. The father/son team perfectly balance each other and take the clients needs into account through out the entire project. They had vision to support our design and anticipated our needs. They were adaptable and completely professional. I can say enough about how wonderful the project was executed and the end result. "
Mac & Shelley Malik from Toronto Feb 04 , 2014

" We found BML on Homestars and after reading their reviews we felt they would be great to install our Ikea kitchen. I sent an email with our plans and timeline and Bohdan was quick to respond and explained the process. We were in the midst of whole home reno and our kitchen install dates were still up in the air as with most large renovations we were running behind. We arranged for a 2 day install and met them the morning they were to start. It was not the ideal situation as it was the day we were supposed to move in and there was lots of other trades working hard in the house and space needed to be shared! The BML team was amazing! There were a few details of my plan that Bohdan walked me through and explained what would work and what wouldn't be functional. We ended up making some changes from his suggestions and stopped by Ikea to pick up what we would need. I couldn't be happier with the outcome. They finished on time and right on budget and have an amazing attention to detail. They made things easier during a very stressful time. I have already recommended them to friends and family. Thank you!"
Nadya Vapsva from Etobicoke Jan 27 , 2014

" Contacted Bogdan to install my IKEA Kitchen. He was able to do it within 1 week - way quicker than other installers and with better customer service.. Bogdan was very professional. He checked the plans prepared with IKEA and quickly told me of missing items. He arrived with his son and both worked diligently and professionally.The installation was completed within 2 days. My wife loves the job they did. I only wish I had contacted Bogdan earlier to assist me with the measurements and planning.I would highly recommend using his services "
Karim Jivraj from Mississauga Jan 25 , 2014
" I had hired a contractor to design two Ikea kitchens for me. The same contractor was supposed to do the installation. When the time came for the installation my contractor was not available. I needed to get the job done quickly. I called a number of Ikea kitchen installers. Several were available on short notice and several provided quotes to me. BML provided a very competitive quote, but the reason I chose BML was the nature of the questions that Bohdan asked on the telephone. It was clear to me that he was very experienced and was very interested in getting the most accurate understanding of my project possible in order to provide an accurate quotation. BML arrived on time and installed two kitchens in three days. They did an excellent job. They were careful with the materials and ended up saving me some money by suggesting ways of getting the job done with less or less expensive parts."
Adam from Toronto Jan 23 , 2014
" Bohdan and Leo were the first tradespeople we met with after we designed our kitchen with the ikea online planner. They advised on our design and then helped us create a reasonable order list. The other tradespeople they recommended, the electrician and the carpenters, were professional and reliable. The kitchen was a large one, and BML needed to customize numerous cabinets to fit them square around our century-old walls. Their reasonable rates, combined with the ikea kitchen sale, saved us substantial money. They were punctual, friendly and more than willing to go the extra mile. Great work "
Eva E from Toronto Dec 30 , 2014
" We found BML through Homestars and were very happy with their services. Bohdan and son Leo did a terrific job this fall installing our new Ikea kitchen. Our walls and floor were not level, we had bulk heads in the way of the cupboards, plumbing to change and heat vents to move. All work and modifications were done very professionally by Bohdan and Leo. We could not be happier with the outcome. Bohdan also gave us referrals for backsplash and counter top people, who also did first rate work. Would refer Bohdan to anyone. They were very pleasant, hard working, detail oriented, helpful with advice and planning and we could not ask for more. Feel lucky we found these men to install our kitchen "
Robert B from North York  Dec 30 , 2013
" We hired Bohdan and Leo to design and assemble an ikea kitchen for us. The result was excellent. Boghdan and Leo were skilled at helping us creatively use the space. We had a specific challenge when we wanted to cover up electrical outlets. Leo came up with a very creative way to do so by flipping a 15 inch cabinet on its side...a perfect fit and solution. BML came in on schedule and were very nice people to work with"
Sandra from Brampton  Dec 28 , 2013
" This father and son team are the best in Toronto, specializing in the installation of IKEA kitchens. They are pleasant, organized, tidy, experienced and perfectionists. They work quickly and are adaptable if something does not fit properly, they are creative. "
Kate Brough from Etobicoke Dec 19 , 2013

" I found BML by accident as I was searching on the internet. Bodhan the owner of the business and his son have been thorough from the beginning to the end of this project. The quality of the installation on this job was excellent. They do not cut corners in assembling the cabinets correctly and they take care in placing the cabinets accurately. They were professional, true the the time promised, honest and fair. Thank you "
Karen Wurtz from Etobicoke Dec 16 , 2013
 I've hired BML to install Ikea cabinets for our new laundry. They know Ikea products very well and did an excellent job at a reasonable price. I will recommend their services without hesitation."
George from North York Dec 10 , 2013
" This is my first review on Homestars and the first time I used Homestars to find a service. Bohdan and Leo of BML Kitchens are consumate professionals. They arrived on time, fully prepared and were such a pleasure to deal with. They dealt with a small but difficult kitchen layout with skill and expertise - their many years of installing hundreds of Ikea Kitchens clearly shows. We had to adapt a number of units and this was easily handled by them. As a designer I have only dealt with custom kitchens, so was rather nervous about not only hiring someone from Homestars, but also how this kitchen would actually work. As my clients had a limited budget and were willing to take the chance (I was open about the fact I had no experience with Ikea kitchens and the installation process), we decided to go with an IKEA kitchen. I hired Bohdan to design the kitchen too with input from myself, as the IKEA kitchen software is complicated - this was well worth the price and I'd suggest that you hire them to handle this aspect too. At the last minute, I threw in the laundry room installation too and they kindly accommodated my needs, staying late to ensure the cabinets were completed. I'd highly recommend Bohdan and Leo for your IKEA cabinet installations from kitchen to laundry room and everything in-between. Having dealt with hundreds of trades over the years, I have to say that working with Bohdan and Leo was one of the most positive experiences I have had to date. Once the backsplash is complete, I'll post pictures. "
B Francis from Oakville Dec 04 , 2013
" Bohdan Lypka, owner operator of BML, is a consummate professional. The work was completed on schedule, the quality was second to none and the final cost was exactly as originally quoted. Our kitchen looks stunning, and I would definitely recommend BML to anyone who wants a professional and quality job done."
Joao Rodrigues from Brampton Dec 02 , 2013
" This was my first experience at such a major renovation--the complete gutting and re-building of my kitchen. I hired BML based on reviews that I had read. All of the reviews were excellent and there is no question why. Bohdan and his son Leo made the renovation a pleasure for me. From excellent design advice (they know the advantages AND the challenges in the Ikea kitchen components), on-time and professional work, right through to thorough clean-up (including flattening and bundling the massive amount of cardboard from all of the packaging--immediately ready for recycling) they ensured the job was done right. Bohdan and Leo are passionate and enthusiastic about their work and take pride in the job they do--with good reason. I highly recommend BML. "
Marilyn McGrath from Scarborough Nov 23 , 2013
" Bohdan and Leo are fantastic and I highly recommend their services. They did an amazing job installing our IKEA kitchen and were able to capably troubleshoot any problems along the way. They were efficient and provided high quality service. They completed the job in only 2 days and we are thrilled with the results. 
Danielle from North York  Nov 07, 2013
" We hired Bohan and his son Leo to install our big Ikea kitchen and also Pax system wardrobe from the same store. They did an excellent job overall.It took for them just 2 days to install everything.The dream about new beautiful and efficient kitchen came through thanks to these two very professional guys.We were very impressed with their trouble-shooting approach and challenges overcoming.Bohdan and Leo did not disappointed us.They accomplished an order very efficiently and for the reasonable price.Thank you guys for your nice job. Anna and Pavel from Dufferin Hill "
Anna from Concord Oct 28, 2013
" I hired BML because of the excellent reviews on HomeStars and I can only agree with all of them. After the first in-house consultation I was confident that Bohdan and his son Leo are a competent team and they didn't disappoint. Due to the fairly complicated design of my kitchen and some deficiencies in my space these guys were faced with some challenges, but they managed to install 24 cabinets, 5 appliances and do the plumbing within only 4 days. My new kitchen turned out exactly as I was expecting and in some cases even better, due to some suggestions from Bohdan and Leo. Although they pay close attentions to details, they are also always looking for the most cost-efficient solutions for their customers. Bohdan was also a big help finding other contractors for my other renovation projects such as countertop, hardwood floors, stairs, etc. All of his recommendations were excellent. Look no further! Thanks for the great job guys."
Juergen from Old Toronto Sept 12, 2013

" We have just finished a major house renovation this summer. Thanks to Bohdan and his son Leo for helping us finish this big project alongside with our contractor. We couldn't have done it without their assistance! We found Bohdan's company online for we wanted to hire a company and a team who is familiar and experienced with IKEA kitchen installation. Bohan came during a preview session to give us feedback to our plan prior to installation. During the day of installation, Bohan and Leo were punctual and efficient. They answered our questions and explained to us various options to customize our kitchen for optimal design, function, and storage. Bohdan also recommended a contact for our custom quartz countertop and he also came back to our house to finish plumbing for our kitchen sinks and diswasher. We were so pleased with Bodhan's work that we hired him back to install the IKEA kitchen cabinets for our laundry room and finish off the plumbing for our laundry and powder rooms. We highly recommend Bohdan and Leo for their professionalism and honesty. They are reasonable priced and always try to figure out ways to save us money. We would definitely hire them back for any future projects!"
Joyce from Markham Sep 02, 2013

" I have selected BML to install our IKEA kitchen after comparison shopping - they had good reviews, reasonable price for their work and a lot of experience. I found them to be professional, punctual, courteous, organized. They were flexible to work within our time constraints, paid close attention to detail, and were precise with their work. They knew how to modify parts as necessary to fit the given space. They made the kitchen renovation process as stress-free as possible for us. The installation of cabinets and cupboards were done with high professionalism. The cabinets were installed with high degree of level that our countertop contractor (Costco) was amazed during creating the template. He told us he has done many countertop templates for IKEA kitchen cabinets but he hasn’t seen such high quality of installation. I highly recommend them and would certainly use BML service for any future renovations. Thank you Bohdan & Leo Bijan B  "
Bijan B from North York Aug 26, 2013
"We hired Bogdan to install new Ikea Kitchen. Very satisfied with his work. He made my wife happy. Happy wife - happy life. Do not hesitate if you need to install new Ikea kitchen. Bogdan will be your right choice. " 
Vladimir from Richmond Hill Aug 26, 2013
" Bogdan and Leo are very efficient and knowledgeable kitchen installers. They have installed 4 kitchens for us in some rental properties and we are so glad we hired them. They have a lot of experience with Ikea kitchens and thus they work efficiently. They are punctual, friendly and highly skilled. We would not install an Ikea kitchen without them."
Nancy Palermo from Old Toronto Aug 13, 2013
"I was very happy with the work done to install an IKEA kitchen by Bodem and Leo, They were punctual, skilled, careful to explain things, very reasonably priced and did a great clean up after themselves. I would have no hesitation about hiring them again."
Dave Perks from Old Toronto Aug 12, 2013
"Bogdon is a responsive, punctual and professional technician whom performed exactly what he said in his first offer. He was helping me to finish my new kitchen by his great ideas to get it improved. His price is competitive and he tried to save for me through his suggestions as well. He is so cool and well experienced. I highly recommend him for IKEA kitchen renovations, designs, customizations and installations; look no further. Thanks for your great job buddy!"
Payam from North York Aug 02, 2013

"Bohdan and Leo’s creative problem solving combined with their professionalism and attention to detail has made our IKEA kitchen, a space we love to come to. They navigated challenges our space had provided and were a pleasure to work with. It is simply PERFECT. Thank you BML."
Alan from Toronto Jun 14, 2013
"These guys were great and did exactly what they said they would do. The job was easy and concise from the beginning and the finished product was exactly as we anticipated from the design."
Sean from Burlington Jun 12, 2013
"Our family's experience with BML was very satisfactory and pleasant. We really appreciated BML's contribution to our kitchen. They are professional, experienced and detail oriented. They made the kitchen renovation process as stress-free as possible for us. We especially appreciated the care that Bohdan and Leo put into the building of our cabinetry. Thank you for your superb work"
Maria Barber from Scarborough May 23, 2013
"I called Bohdan after having problems with Ikea's installation team. Bohdan was able to fit me in that week and even called and asked if he could come early...that never happens! When Bohdan and Leo arrived they were both very professional and kind. They completed the project quickly and were very good at explaining to me what they were going to do so there were no questions. They left the space very clean and tidy. I highly recommend Bohdan and Leo!"
Rebecca from Old Toronto May 15, 2013
" We had an IKEA Kitchen installed by Bohdan and his son and found them to be professional, punctual, courteous, organised and helpful in making any changes in the design as they progressed with the installation.We have no hesitation in recommending them and would certainly rehire BML for any future renovations" 
Frank Pickup from Pickering May 26, 2013
"You won't hear anything different from me. Bogdan and Leo have put in two different sets of kitchen cabinets for me. Great attention to detail and many suggestions that improved on the original concepts. Look no further"
Fred from Old Toronto May 10, 2013
"Bohdan and Leo did a fantastic job installing my kitchen cabinets recently. I was instantly struck by their attention to detail, their trouble-shooting abilities and the efficient manner in which they went about the business of making my plans come to life. Professionalism, quality work and reliability---I highly recommend this dynamic duo! "
Grace Winnington-Ball from Scarborough May 02, 2013
"I was very impressed with the professionalism and expertise of Bohdan and his son Leo who installed the kitchen cabinets to perfection. The quality of their workmanship was second to none. I would use them again and would highly recommend them to anyone."
philip-d Apr 30, 2013
"We have selected BML to install our IKEA Adel kitchen after little comparison shopping - they had good reviews , reasonable price for their work and a lot of experience . It was a good choice. The job was done excellent, they helped with the design , gave us some money saving ideas what helped us to stay within our budget. Fifteen cabinets were installed in one and a half day, while we were at work. The sink and dishwasher were connected to the pipes. The site was clean, everything went smooth with no hold-ups . WOW! What a good job! Stanislav "
Stan from Etobicoke Apr 22, 2013
"Bohdan Lypka and his son have been most utterly professional each time they were hired to assemble our IKEA furniture. They always plan and assess and execute the job efficiently. I highly recommend them and will continue future business with them."
Shahrzad from Richmond Hill Apr 19, 2013
"We were very happy with BML's installation of our IKEA kitchen. BML is a father & son business whose passion for providing good quality work shows through in their finished product. BML was quick to respond after an initial phone call, was flexible to work within our time constraints, paid close attention to detail, was precise with their work and provided prices that cheaper than other listings on HomeStars. We would definitely recommend them to others."
M&C from Old Toronto Apr 10, 2013
"We were very fortunate to find Bohdan and his son to help us with our dream kitchen. From start to finish they were extremely helpful in the planning and execution of our kitchen designs. The installation of cabinets and cupboards was done with the utmost professionalism. Before and during the renovation, changes were discussed and recommended to help make our plans work. Were extremely happy that they were also able to do the plumbing work for us and make our lives that much easier. Besides the fine workmanship, they were both courteous and cheerful in our home. I would definitely recommend BML to everyone I know so they too can experience the exceptional results"
Steve M. from Toronto Feb 24, 2013
"We are renovating our house and we have been facing a lot of issues and challenges while doing it. For the first time the whole process went smooth and easy when we hired BML to install our new IKEA kitchen. Bohdan and Leo, the father and son team were creative, professional and tidy. They healped us with design and our awkwardly shaped kitchen was transformed into functional and comfortable space for many years. The job was done fast and our BML contractors were the dream team to work with. Thank you."
Irena K. from Vaughan Feb 20, 2013
"BML company were the contractors who fixed the poor job, which was done in my kitchen by the previous team. I decided to renovate my kitchen a month ago and initially hired the contractors, who promised to do everything for a good price. When the job was done I was not so happy with the look: too small space for the fridge to open, upper cabinets did not have side panels, no fillers between cabinets and our countertop people could not do their job because the base cabinets were out of level ( it was a disaster ). So we had to find somebody else who had better knowledge and experience in this job and who knew how to fix it. We put our kitchen in the hands of professionals BML company, who installed kitchen and wardrobe for our friends in Toronto and received nothing but praise for their job. Guys came to London and helped us. They redesigned the whole plan. They installed valance, fillers and cover panels (which is recommended with IKEA cabinets) And how smart the space was looking after! Bohdan and Leo, the team, who fixed our problems were knowledgeable, experienced and gave two years warranty for their work. When they came, they were not surprised they had to fix some handyman's job. They said this situation was not rare. My hard-learned lesson is : if you considering kitchen renovation, make sure you hire professionals."
Valdi from LondonFeb 11, 2013
"I recently purchased a condo in an older building, and before I moved in, I needed to do some renovations. Included in this reno, was gutting the existing kitchen, and installing all new cabinets. When it came time to install the kitchen, I was concerned, because I had nothing but problems with the general contractor that I was using. In conversation with close friends, I asked who had installed their's, and both she and her husband gave nothing but rave reviews about the father and son team. I had already made up my mind, because of the finished product in their kitchen. From my first contact with Bohdan, I had confidence that this experience would be different from what I had experienced the weeks before with the other renos. After reviewing the drawings for my kitchen, he gave me a date when he would be able to begin, a very competitive price and the duration of the job. If you've ever had renos done by a contractor, you should know that these promises are seldom kept, but with BML every promise was kept. They showed up on time. They did exactly what they said they would do. In fact, my expectations were surpassed, and completed the job on time. This included the clean up. What more could you ask for? I highly recommend BML to anyone who wants a job done well. "
Christina W. from Old Toronto Jan 28, 2013
" A friend of mine had recommended Bohdan for a kitchen installation, and I am so glad ! Bohdan is very detail oriented.The work was completed on time, my place was kept clean and tidy. Finished job was beyond my expectations, He has installed 2 kitchens for me as well as 1 for my mom .I will definitely use his services again and can confidently recommend his work" 
Wanda G. from Toronto  Jan 23, 2013

"Bohdan and son did a fantastic job our our condo kitchen installation. They know how to get the most out of the Ikea components to put together a custom product that can't be beat for quality of materials and quality of installation. Every line, joint, and hinge was done perfectly and quickly. Their experience with Ikea hardware shows. They knew how to modify parts as necessary to fit the given space, and even made a custom "hidden" storage area to make use of some otherwise unused corner space. Bravo."
 MikeP:3 from Toronto  Jan 06, 2013

"BML is a father & son business that specializes in kitchen installations. From our initial phone conversation I found them to be creative in their approach to my available space. The quote that Bohdan provided was accurate and included all the work they completed; they were thorough and conscientious; precise with their work and clean-up was second to none. I've had to undergo many kitchen renovations/installations over the years and by far the work that Bohdan and his team provided was superior to all. If you have the opportunity to use BML's services please do, you will be grateful you did. "
Tony Palermo from Toronto Jan 04, 2013

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bml toronto - Google Search